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Boyles Feedlot Operation (158.4ha)


Listing Number: LEP25686
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The property known as "Boyles Feedlot" which is situated on the Top Beverley Road, York is being offered for sale by "Private Treaty."

Built in 2000 the feedlot is located on a 158 ha farm in York which is 7kms from the town of York and approximately 100 kms east of Perth.

- The feedlot consists of a raised wire mesh floor housed inside a shed. The shed is 125m long by 30m wide(3750sqm) and is 2.5m -4m above the ground.
- There are 10 pens and a five stand shearing shed. The shed has a carry capacity of 10,000 sheep.
- Adjacent to the shed there is a 5000 head outside feedlot.
- Two room/ 1 bathroom office
- 280 sqm Steel framed storage shed/workshop
- 158 Hectares (391 acres) of good quality productive land. There is approximately 340 arable acres.
- Scheme water is connected to the property.
- All plant and equipment is included in the selling price.

To take a virtual tour click the tour button or copy this link https://youtu.be/foTXK1EbwQ0

The feedlot is located on a 150 Ha farm in York, Western Australia that is approximately 100km East of Perth.

History: The operation is owned by SA & J Boyle whose family have been farming in York for 5 generations. The Boyle's have been producing prime lamb for over 80 years and take much pride in their expertise and experience in providing a quality product to their customers.
The Environment: The feedlot was constructed in accordance with all relevant environmental requirements being adhered to. All manure is contained on site and is sold as a fertiliser to various markets. In conjunction with feedlotting practices, a composting operation exits to process any waste material from the outside pens and any animal losses that may occur. The compost is then sold to business's requiring organic fertiliser such as turf farms, horse-racing clubs, bagging companies, local councils, as well as retail customers.
Animal Welfare: The livestock operation is LPA (Livestock Production Assurance) accredited which ensures a high standard of product safety and quality. A vet specialising in ruminant animals is consulted on any health related issues involved with the feedlot. Due to the controlled environment of the feedlot there is no dust and little risk of disease associated with the sheep. The feedlot is MSA accredited for meat quality and AQIS accredited when contract feeding for livestock shipping companies.
Animal Nutrition: The lambs are fed a pelleted ration that contains a balance of fibre, energy, protein, and a mineral and vitamin mix. There are no hormone growth promotents included in the ration. Feeding occurs on an ad-lib basis whereby each animal consumes on average 1.6kg of feed per day and 4 - 5 litres of water per day. Upon entry to the feedlot the lambs receive a vitamin supplement, a worm drench, and are vaccinated to improve their health and eliminate any parasites.

Feedlot Process: When animals arrive at the feedlot from all over the state they receive a vitamin supplement, a worm drench, and are vaccinated as mentioned previously. They are then drafted according to their weight and whether they need to be shorn to remove their wool, which generally occurs when the wool is over 3cm in length. The drafted animals are then placed in a feedlot pen according to what weight they are with other animals of similar weight. The minimum entry weight is 35kg and the exit weight is generally between 45kg and 50kg depending on market requirements. The carcase weight ranges from 21kg to 25kg with fat scores averaging 2 & 3. It takes 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the entry weight, to produce a 45kg to 50kg lamb ready for slaughter. Feed conversion ratio ranges between 6:1 and 7:1 depending on the age and breed of the animals, feed quality, and seasonal conditions.
Feedlot Dimensions: The feedlot consists of a raised wire mesh floor housed inside a shed as seen in the accompanying pictures. The shed is 125m long by 30m wide and is 2.5m - 4m above the ground. There are 10 pens and a five stand shearing shed. Each pen is 25m long by 14m wide and holds a maximum of 1000 lambs making the capacity of the feedlot equal to 10000 lambs. Adjacent to the shed there is 5000 head outside feedlot which is used in peak production times and as an introduction to the feedlot where the lambs are introduced to dry feed in a safe manner. There is 400 tonne of pellet storage at the feedlot. Production capacity ranges between 1400 - 2000 lambs per week depending on the entry weight and the availability of lambs.

PHIL BECKER 0412 578 429
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    • Land Area Ha: 158.43
    • Land Area Acres: 391.4
  • Property Type: Rural Land

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